Why and How to Use an eBay Trading Assistant

If you are like most people over the years you have collected things like unwanted presents, the mobile phone you upgraded, all those different mp3 players you have had plus loads of other things you have bought or been given. You have cleared out the loft and all those cupboards, and all around the house or office are piles of unwanted and no longer required items. But they all look too good to take to the tip, and you do not feel like getting up in the morning to go to a car boot sale. Someone at your work tells you about eBay, you go and take a look. You like what you see, but you just do not have the time to list everything, take the pictures and deal with all those emails and posting items.

But wait help is at hand with those eBay Trading Assistants. These people will take all the hard work off your hands. They do all the hard work and once the items have been sold, the Trading Assistant sends you a cheque or PayPal payment. Once you have made the decision to sell your items using an eBay Trading Assistant you need to go to the TA page on your eBay country and enter in either your postcode or zip code and up will come a list of Trading Assistants in your area. You then make a decision on which one you are going to use. This can be based on distance, feedback or what they sell. When you have decided you then make contact with your chosen eBay TA. They will then arrange to collect the items from you.

This is where you stop worrying as the Trading Assistant will now take over. They will research the items, take pictures, write descriptions, deal with emails, send items out, leave feedback, and once the new buyers are happy, will send you your payment less their commission. Most eBay Trading Assistants charge a one off commission and take out selling fees from their commission, while others charge a small percentage commission and then charge the fees. The average commission charged is between 30 – 50%, now this may sound high, but there is a lot of work involved and the high commission is well worth paying.

And to be honest when you first started on this journey the items here going to the local tip or to a charity shop so then you would have got nothing. By using a TA, you pay a very fair commission and in return you get expert help and a nice payment coming your way. Over time your eBay TA will become your friend, they will be the person you go to when you need to sell your items too, no more going to the tip. And because the Trading Assistant is working on a commission only basis it is in their best interest to work hard for you, because the higher the price they get for the item the more you the seller will get and the higher their commission will be.

Why Leveraging an eBay Trading Assistant is a Good Idea

If you are a busy entrepreneur who is on the lookout for a quick buck then it can be a tough climb uphill. Most entrepreneurs who sell products online have more than one eBay account. This can make issues like management, selling and shipping a tedious task, especially considering the amount of groundwork and follow-ups involved.

What is an eBay trading assistant?

eBay trading assistants are those personnel or organizations who will do the task of selling your products for you. They do this of course in return for a fee which could be provided on a monthly, semi annual or a yearly basis. They handle all the aspects of selling your products on eBay right till the shipping process.

The advantages of hiring a trading assistant

There are many advantages when it comes to recruiting an eBay trading assistant to work for your organization. You no longer have to spend too much time or hassle in supervising the implementation of the selling process. Also, instead of starting from scratch and reinventing the wheel an eBay trading assistant can provide you with a sea of experience. These are experts at selling on eBay and also enjoy a good reputation in the eBay community. Many are experts at selling products belonging to a certain select niche and if you belong to such a segment it makes sense to leverage their expertise. If you are not quite sure on how much your item can sell for a trading assistant can come to the rescue. They can provide a rough estimate of the product price after carrying out an assessment. Once a sale gets made the assistant will credit your account with the proceeds from the sale, after deducting his or fees.

Things to keep in mind before you hire one

While hiring an eBay trading assistant may seem like a win-win situation it is not always a bed of roses for an entrepreneur. They only enter into agreements which are guaranteed to give them a profit margin. What that means for your business is that only if your products are sellable to them, sell them for you. Many assistants will not be open to the idea of selling per item. They would like to sell in bulk or would have a certain cut off limit before they agree to sell for you. Certain items are always favorable with these trading assistants like for example antique items and artifacts, industrial and business equipment, clothing, computer and networking accessories, home and garden fixtures and fittings, jewelry, musical instruments etc. Thus if you have any of these popular products to sell, then finding a good quality eBay Trading Assistant shouldn’t be too difficult for you. Before you hire them however, you also need to do a background check on their profile (both the trading assistant profile and member profiles), as well as do a check on the experience in selling. You can check this by selecting the ‘items for sale’ option in the profile of the person.

Time To Become An eBay Trading Assistant

You go to the area where you store your eBay items, and shock, horror, the area is empty. Well it should not have been such a shock, if you had been keeping proper records, but is for another day and time. You still have this big problem nothing to sell and no money to go and buy items to resell. What can be done? Well help is at hand with the eBay Trading Assistant Program. This program is an eBay approved method for you to sell items for other people and make some money.

Most people have heard the word eBay and they know the how the system works, sell items and make money. But in today’s fast paced world the one thing these people lack is time. They just do not have the time to list the items and make the money. So this is where an eBay Trading Assistant steps in and takes over.

In simple terms an eBay Trading Assistant will –

— Take delivery or collect the items someone is interested in selling.

— They take all the pictures, do the research and write the descriptions.

— Then they list the items on eBay, using their own eBay ID.

— An eBay Trading Assistant also handles all the delivery and payment for the items.

— Once the item sells and the new owner is happy with the purchase, the Trading Assistant sends the money to the old owner minus the Trading Assistant commission.

— The commissions charged do vary from one Trading Assistant to another. Some charge an upfront fee and a small commission, others charge a standard commission such as 30%, while others charge a fee per item if they sell or not. The important thing to remember is that this fee must cover all your costs and give you a profit.

Happy selling and have fun.

The FAP Turbo – Why You Should Consider Using This Trading Assistant

The FAP Turbo is one of the highest selling trading assistants used on the Forex Market today. With so many in use, many people are wondering what is so great about this Expert Advisor, and why should I use it in my trading on the Forex Market?

The FAP Turbo is one of the many automated trading assistants to come out over the course of the past few years, making its debut on the market in November of 2008. This robot allows its user to put their trading accounts completely on autopilot just by installing it on a computer or a hosting account, tweaking the settings to gain the maximum benefit, and then let it get to work. This system has been responsible for many people making a large profit. Many argue that it is so good at what it does, it has a lot of Forex brokers, who do not like the system, going to such great lengths to stop it by trying to block it from the market.

Experts agree, just as with any signal software or artificial intelligence machine, you should always run it on a test account first. The purpose behind this is seeing what the robot can do and to make sure that you’re comfortable with the system, and know how to tweak the settings for the maximum benefit. With trading assistants, you want to make sure the settings are right so you can make a profit 24 hours a day instead of having your account completely wiped out.

As with trading anything on an open market, you should have a general idea of how the market you’re interested in works, and knowledge surrounding the market, terminology, buying, selling, currencies, etc. You need to have a basic feel for how the market is doing on the days you intend on trading. This will help you make wiser decisions when investing. That is one thing that the FAP Turbo can help take the guess work out. When set to trade automatically, it uses algorithms to make decisions on what trades to buy into and get out of.

Bottom line is, the FAP Turbo has helped countless people make a profit on the Forex Market using systems and techniques designed and implanted by the developers, and thus far, it has made quite the footprint on the Forex Market. So there is no reason not to give the FAP Turbo a try.

Becoming a Trading Assistant on eBay

Here are a few tips on how to become a Trading Assistant on eBay:

1. After you sell for others on an informal basis, consider joining eBay’s official Trading Assistant Program. You get a listing in eBay’s Trading Assistant Directory and a chance to market your service to a wider audience than you could ever attract on your own.

2. Make sure you meet the requirements for becoming a Trading Assistant: you need to have sold at least ten items in the past three months, a feedback score of 100 or higher, a 97% positive feedback rating, and a eBay account in good standing.

3. You know that friends, family and neighbors can be clients when you sell on consignment. But do not forget about local governments that need to upload surplus merchandise. Many municipalities have cars, trucks, and other merchandise they could sell for much needed extra income. Contact your local city or county government and offer your services – if you are lucky, you might get a lot of merchandise to sell on an ongoing basis.

4. Nonprofit organizations such as schools and social agencies regularly hold fund-raisers. Approach them with an eye toward holding their fund-raisers on eBay. You will spread goodwill, do a good deed, and build up lots of positive feedback that can help you in the future.

5. Local businesses almost always have overstock that they would love to sell. Many of them know that such merchandise is commonly sold on sites like eBay and Overstock. They are just waiting for someone to approach them and handle the actual sales activities for them. Approach your business associates and local businesses in your area to offer your services.

6. You do not have to commit to sell anything and everything, whether you are a Trading Assistant or an informal consignment seller. As an official Trading Assistant, you can specialize in three of eBay’s main categories, and five sub-categories for each of those three. Specializing in one area is a good way to stand out from the competition and make a name of yourself.

Becoming a Trading Assistant on eBay is both rewarding and refreshing. Do join if you think that you are up to the challenge.

Forex Alerts – Your Loyal Trading Assistant

The giant $4 trillion daily turnover forex market is indeed very attracting to some people, including you who read this article. Forex is a business; this is the first thing you ought to keep in your mind. You can’t deem this market only as a place for random speculation or even a gambling. If you come up with an idea of trading in forex market is a way to generate money then you are right. However, if you deem this market a way to do a business, you’ll likely have more chance to make it. Brainstorm, arrange good plans, analyze the market, execute the trade with high discipline, then evaluate your trades; these things are the important process to assure you get the success in forex market. But, do you know that it will take a long time to do the process?

Similar as regular business, you may need an assistant to help you eliminate some of the process parts and give the tasks to your assistant. In forex market your assistant is forex alert service which its goal is to assist investors and traders to be successful in their trades and saving a lot of their time. Instead of drifting all of your time in front of your computer or calling your broker, it will be better if you spend more time doing other activities, such as your other businesses or hanging out your family or when you remain being an employee and don’t have enough time to follow the forex market all day.Even if you just want to monitor the major markets; you can’t keep your eye on all the markets for a whole weekday as there at least 7 currency pairs to keep watch on. Moreover when the markets are sideways, you’ll get frustrated and exhausted.

Obviously you need a trading assistant and it can be forex alerts. A forex alert is merely a short message delivered to the alert service subscribers letting them know on the latest progress in the forex market and frequently suggesting some trading actions to take.Nowadays with the advance of communication technology, forex alerts are delivered via sms, e-mail or other instant messengers.This service draws attention of the traders who desire to do quick trades but do not have time to analyze and follow any trading strategy. The forex alerts will assist you to identify trend and other market information you need to act immediately with confidence.

Finally, trying to find trustworthy forex alerts is definitely not an effortless thing as there are numerous scam vendors around you especially on internet market however if you spend some of your time to investigate and research it, you’ll find a good one.

Forex Robots Meet a New Trade Assistant and a Forex Trading System

Russ Horn created a manual trading system after many trials and errors, and he calls it his trading system Forex Rebellion. After he used the system, and achieved great results with it, he then thought he would let his trading friends try it out. After his friends got results similar to his, he decided to release Forex Rebellion to all the people who wanted to trade in the currency market.

The next step he undertook was to seek an independent and respectable small group to test the system. As a way to document the trades, he had the group produce a video of the trades they placed and the results of the trades. The results from the testing group were astonishing.

The main difference with Forex Rebellion is that this system is a mechanical one. That means that the system will inform you when to enter a trade with instructions on how to set the trade plus the exit strategies on how and when to exit. All this means that even a rookie trader can work with this easy program.

With this system, you can use it to trade any currency pair and in any time frame in any session. This system is very flexible and just the right program for anyone with limited time to trade. Even the developer Russ Horn, while he was working at another job, used the system with great success.

Don’t be surprise when you suffer loses with this system because no system or program is perfect and will produce only winning results. However, the overall results of the system are positive and very successful and that is why the Forex Rebellion is getting such positive reviews.

Go ahead and test this system to see if you are comfortable with the system and results. There is a 60-day money back guarantee so if you have been thinking of entering the Forex currency trade market check the Forex Rebellion.

Rebellion is simply a trade assistant who will give you the information to make trades but requires you to do it. Forex MegaDroid, IvyBot, and FAP Turbo are robots that do everything for you. Compare the systems against each other to find out, which is best for you. Determining which is best trading robot is is up to you.

Forex Robots – Things to Look Out For Before Purchasing FAP Turbo Or Other Trading Assistants

If you are new to currency trading, you would have probably heard about forex robots and the many reasons why you should use them. One of these robots or trading assistants as they are sometimes called is the FAP Turbo. The makers of these robots say that these will make a difference in your forex trading results due to the faster analysis and easier trading experience, which will result in higher profits.

A forex trading robot may indeed be a boon to your forex trading experience. The help that it can give you is crucial especially when dealing with the fast paced world of forex trading where the market conditions can change drastically and without warning. The thing is, not all robots are alike. Not all are effective and in fact there are some out there that are complete fakes and will just cost you money instead of helping you make some.

In order to know if you will be getting a robot that will help you instead of one that will just cause you headaches, there are some things that you have to look out for. One of these things is that the robot should be easy to download, install, and use. There are robots that take only five to ten minutes to get it up and running. Read some customer reviews if the one you are considering is as fast and easy to use. Your time should be spent trading and not trying to make something work!

Another thing that the robot you are getting should have is quality customer service. If you notice, a lot of companies who are selling auto forex trading solutions seem to offer unbelievable results, but when you look into user reviews, the consensus is that they are hard to contact when issues arise. So, be sure that the robot you will be using also guarantees good customer service.

One more thing you have to look out for is that there should be a money back guarantee. This is the prime indicator of how confident the company is of their product. With the FAP Turbo, you are given sixty days to use the product or have it refunded in full if it does not live up to your expectations.

Just like any other product, when buying a robot like the FAP Turbo, research is key. Know everything you need to know about the product so you will have no regrets.

Online Business Ideas at Home: eBay Trading Assistant

Home-based jobs went viral and became one of the most lucrative primary and secondary sources of income for many people. Like the assistant, it went viral with the help of computer and internet by being an eBay Assistant. These trading assistants are helping many people in selling their valuables on eBay and operating from home business, going out directly to clients’ businesses or homes to photograph as well as pick up all the items. These items are then sold, consignment basis, to eBay, with you as a trading assistant will handle every detail on the sale including collecting commission the moment an item is successfully sold. eBay assistant’s charge on commissions largely vary, starting from 5% to 50%.

Benefits of Online Business Ideas at Home: eBay Trading Assistant

One of the best parts of this job is that you are offering convenience to clients who, for the most part do not have the time and knowledge on how to sell these items on eBay while running your own business. You do not have any involvement, except abiding the policies in eBay. You don’t even have to worry about upfront investments since it has minimal requirement, and the inventory will be supplied by your clients, therefore the financial risks are likewise minimal. Improving sales is also easy as credible resources are available for registered assistants for eBay. The company supplies marketing materials such as press kits and flyer templates, and also offering some training.

Online Business Ideas at Home: Get Started with Being an eBay Trading Assistant

You need to have a strong understanding of how everything works in eBay, from procedures on listings to the existing average prices. For online business ideas like online trading, you must possess some merchandising or retailing ability, good interpersonal skills and good standing eBay account. As an eBay trading assistant, you would need to have your own camera and some photography skills as taking photographs would be part of your job.

Abiding certain rules, terms, and policies is expected of you such the Assistants Style Guide, eBays Trading Assistant Agreement. You are required to have sold 10 items at least in the last 3 months on eBay and maintain that figure every 3 months. It is important that you maintain at least a 98%+ on eBays minimum feedback rate of 100.

Being one of eBay Trading Assistants, you must remember that your commission will not make you rich overnight. Just like other online business ideas on trading, it takes some time as well as effort in order to be successful.

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10 Reasons To Become An EBay Trading Assistant

Many eBay sellers are finding additional revenue in signing up to be a Trading Assistant. This program is beneficial to both sellers and people who wish to sell their items but, for reasons of time or technology, aren’t capable. When that’s the case, they turn to a Trading Assistant to help market their wares. There are many reasons that someone may choose to become a trading assistant and, in turn, why someone would want to hire one.

Reason 1: When sellers become an eBay Trading Assistant, they increase their inventory without investing any money. The client will provide his/her items to be sold and the Trading Assistant will not have any out-of-pocket expenses for the new items.

Reason 2: If a business has a large selection of merchandise, it will attract more customers and generate even more revenue. The more variety that you can offer, the wider your consumer base will be.

Reason 3: As a Trading Assistant, sellers can earn extra money based on the fees that they charge. Selling someone else’s product is a service and most sellers charge a fee for that service. As a Trading Assistant, it becomes your responsibility to photograph and accurately describe the item, list the auction and take responsibility for completing the transaction. Each Trading Assistant decides what fee, if any, they wish to charge their clients.

Reason 4: Each Trading Assistant will be listed in eBay’s Trading Assistant Directory, which will give added publicity to your business. And, best of all, it’s free!

Reason 5: If you take on the task of selling a client’s product, and do a good job, then he/she will likely return to you for future selling needs. In addition, your client may refer his/her friends to you. Word of mouth, when it’s positive, is the best kind of publicity.

Reason 6: When you become a Trading Assistant, sellers may want to consider submitting a press release to local newspapers. Because it’s a new development within your business, it’s considered news. Press releases are one of the best ways to get free publicity for your business.

Reason 7: The eBay Trading Assistant program provides sellers with access to special training programs and other education reference materials. Knowledge of sales and marketing are always an asset to any business.

Reason 8: As a Trading Assistant, sellers can take pride in knowing that they are providing a service that is earning money for their customers. By signing up for this service, and taking on clients, sellers are helping people to earn extra cash while also clearing some space.

Reason 9: The Trading Assistant program offers a seller the opportunity to gain experience and knowledge in a wide variety of fields, including marketing, buying, sales, customer service, business management, order processing and fulfillment. Each of these tools are extremely valuable in today’s job marketplace.

Reason 10: The more you sell, the more feedback you will receive. If the feedback is good, customer confidence will grow based on your reputation as a seller.

Now that you know 10 reasons to become an eBay Trading Assistant, I’ll bet you can’t think of one reason not to. Happy trading!